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FAQ of cutting plotter
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1) What is the maximum acceptable media thickness for Helitin cutting plotter?
-0.2mm (vinyl paper);0.47mm (reflective film)
2) What kind of operation system can the Helitin cutting plotter be applied to?
-Be applied to WIN2000/WIN XP/WIN7/VISTA operation system.
3) What’s the life of a blade?
-It varies according to its cutting frequency, different media and applications. Therefore, it is encouraged to use the “Cut Test” function to verify the sharpness of the blade and to choose an appropriate cutting force. The Cut Test procedure will not only provide you with a means of selecting a proper tool force, prolonging the knife's lifespan, but will also assist you in checking if you have chosen the right settings (offset for instance) to ensure output quality.
4)Can CorelDraw software be used to do contour cutting? How to use it?

You can design your expected pattern on CorelDraw and then the pattern information signal will be sent to the plotter through the driver system, 
eventually the plotter will cut.out the pattern easily.

5)What is the most important factor to choose a cutting plotter? 

1. Feeding ability: with a good feeding ability, the cutting plotter could still maintain a superior quality (eg. precision) and succeed in one time when cutting a large-format advertising sign. 
2. Cutting speed: high cutting speed could help to save time and raise efficiency. 
3. Cutting force: powerful cutting pressure will allow it to cut more different materials. For example, high cutting pressure is necessary for cutting spray sand paper or reflective film, 
but weak cutting pressure could make the business scope of the advertising sign manufacturer limited to cutting adhesive vinyl. 

6) What’s the key difference between servo motor and stepper motor?
Precision: Servo motor has higher precision.
Speed: The max cutting speed of servo motor is 960 mm/s, and the max cutting speed of stepper motor is 800 mm/s.
Cutting force: The max force of servo motor is 510g, and the max force of stepper motor is 500g.
Noise: Stepper motor has bigger noise.
Price: The price of servo motor is higher.

7) What kinds of software are Helitin cutting plotter compatible with?

-Artcut/Flexi10/Master/WINPCsign/CORELDRAW/Adobe Illustrator/Signcut.

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